When logged in, your name is displayed at the top of the My Avatars page. Select the gear icon next to your name to access Account Settings.

Account Settings #

Personal Info – specify first name, last name and company

To modify the values, edit the name and/or company and select Update Profile.

Email – modify email.

To modify the values, edit the email address and select Update Email.

Password – modify password.

To modify the values, edit the password and select Change Password.

Plan Overview #

There are several plans available; Demo Only, Basic, Essentials, Professional and Enterprise.

The Demo version allows for 1000 interactions and avatars are watermarked with the CodeBaby logo.

The Basic version allows for 1000 interactions per month.

The Professional version allows for 10,000 interactions per month.

Contact us to discuss Enterprise or Partner options.

An interaction is considered a single back-and-forth volley between the user and the avatar.

Change Plan #

Select Change Plan to choose a different plan option.

Current Usage #

The current months count of interactions is displayed along with the percentage of interactions used.

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Updated on January 23, 2024