Connect to Dialogflow

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Setting Up Google Cloud Account ––gp2ToWwWwK7kCYv/view

  1. From Dialogflow, select the appropriate project and then select the gear.
  2. Then select the Project ID to get to Google Cloud Home.
  3. From hamburger menu, go to IAM & Admin/Service Accounts and select Create Service Account.
  4. Specify Service account name and optional description. 
  5. Select Create and Continue.
  6. Grant service account access –  Select Dialogflow API Admin. The filter can be used to filter the list.
  7. Select Add Another Role and select Dialogflow API Client. 
  1. Continue.
  2. Done.
  3. The new Service Account is displayed in the list. Select the 3 dot Actions menu and select Manage Keys.
  4. Select Add Key/Create New Key and then select the JSON option.
  5. Select Create. The new key is created and downloaded to your system.
  6. Login to Codebaby.
  7. Go to Conversation/Upload Key.  Upload JSON file created in Google Cloud.
  8. Connects to your agent.
  9. Connected Dialogflow Agent,
  10. Upload Agent
  11. Select Dialogflow link from Codebaby.

Enable Dialogflow API #

Ensure the Dialogflow API is enabled at

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Updated on June 7, 2023