Create Avatars

The My Avatars page displays the available avatars as well as options to create new or edit existing avatars.   An avatar needs to be selected before working with any of the other functions within Codebaby.

Create New Avatar #

  1. Specify the following information for a new avatar:
    • ID – Avatar ID that is viewable in source code.
    • Name – Avatar name.
    • Description – Detailed avatar description.
    • Owner – email address of person that created the avatar.
  2. Select Create.  A default avatar is assigned to your newly created avatar.  The avatar can be replaced using functions within the Character menu. 

NOTE: If the avatar ID is changed after the avatar is created the script codes will need to be updated.

NOTE: The Avatar ID string will appear in the code you embed on your page, so it should be something you’d be comfortable with someone viewing the source on your website seeing. If you leave this blank, the system will generate an ID for you

Import Avatar #

The Import Avatar function is used to import avatars in a JSON format. It can be used to import customized avatars provided by Codebaby.

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Updated on May 19, 2023