Select Avatar

An avatar needs to be selected before working with any of the other functions within Codebaby.

  1. Select an avatar from the displayed list of avatars.  Use the Search bar to filter the list of avatars. If you have more than 1 page of avatars, use the page forward and back buttons above the avatar list. Clicking on the header of the columns lets you sort by that field. Either click on an avatar name or click on the “…” menu on the right side of the screen. A menu displays with options to Preview Avatar, Edit (Select), Clone, Export, Lock/Unlock or Delete.
  2. Select Edit. Once an avatar is selected, the General menu becomes active and the remaining menu items on the left of the page become enabled. 
  3. Edit the existing properties or select a menu item from the left of the page to connect to Dialogflow, edit the character, edit and create intents and perform other actions.

Preview Avatar #

Select Preview Your Avatar to open a new test browser page with your avatar. Type a question or statement in the text bar at the bottom of the page, or click on the microphone button to talk to the avatar.

Background Image #

This background will persist if you are logged to the CodeBaby portal, if not the background will change to the default once you reload, to ensure the background persist, please login to the portal and reload this page before changing the background.

Gallery images – There is a selection of provided images to choose from. Use the forward and backwards arrows to navigate the selection.

Import Your Own Image -Select your own image as a background.

Select Submit to apply the image.

Clone Avatar #

Select Clone Avatar to make a copy of the currently selected avatar file. Clone your avatar to create a backup of your project. All of the related files (Animation Idles, CSS settings etc are included in the clone).

Export Avatar #

The Export Avatar function downloads the avatar to the Downloads folder in a JSON format.

Lock / Unlock #

Once an avatar is being used in production, it is a good idea to lock it so that no one accidentally edits it.

Select Lock to lock your avatar and make it so that it cannot be edited.

Select Unlock to unlock the avatar and make it editable.

Delete Avatar #

Select Delete Avatar to delete the currently selected avatar.

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Updated on May 31, 2024