Conversation Engine #

The Conversation Engine options are used to specify whether the agent is in Dialogflow ES, Dialogflow CX or connecting to ChatGPT. 

The Dialogflow Essentials (ES) Edition is a pay-as-you-go edition that provides the standard ES agent type. The Essentials Edition offers production-ready quotas and support from Google Cloud support.

The Dialogflow Customer Experience (CX) Edition is a pay-as-you-go edition that provides the advanced CX agent type.

ChatGPT from OpenAI ChatGPT is a chatbot provided by OpenAI.

Select the appropriate option:

  • Dialogflow ES
  • Dialogflow CX
  • ChatGPT

After selecting an option refresh the browser page using the refresh button next to the address bar in the browser.

Conversation #

In order to edit a conversation, the avatar needs to be connected to a Dialogflow agent.

Connected Dialogflow Agent #

To connect your Google Dialogflow conversation to your avatar, you need to upload your service account key .json file here. Need help knowing how to generate that key? Go to here for instructions on how to create your key.

Note: Before connecting to Dialogflow this field says “Create your own conversation”. This link brings you to the Google documentation.

Upload Key #

Select the JSON file created using the Create New Key function in Dialogflow in order to connect the avatar to the Dialogflow agent.

Create New #

Create New automatically creates a Dialogflow Agent and Service Account Key and connects the Dialogflow agent to the CodeBaby Avatar. This greatly simplifies creating a new project.

Additional Settings #

The following fields are required for CX and optional for ES.

Agent ID #

For Google Dialogflow ES, your account will have a single Agent ID, so this field is not required. For Google Dialogflow CX accounts, you can find this value by following the steps listed here:

Environment ID #

For Google Dialogflow CX, enter the Environment ID for the conversation you want to connect. You can find this value by following the steps listed here:

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