You can enable logging of your conversations to Google Cloud Platform within your Google Dialogflow console. Downloaded JSON files of your conversations can be uploaded here so you can read them more easily in a spreadsheet program.


Usage #

Reports can be generated that show the conversations that your users are having with your avatars. The same logs are also used for billing, you can download them here.

Usage Data for:

This Avatar – creates a usage report for the current avatar.

All My Avatars – creates a usage report for all of your avatars.

Report Type:

Concise – The concise report includes a select number of columns including avatarId, sessionId, action, input, responsePayload, Date, and Time.

Full – The full report includes all available avatars.

Specify the date range for the report.


Enter the start date for the report.


Enter the end date for the report.

Download #

Downloads the report created for the date range specified. The report is downloaded to the Downloads folder.

Upload GCP logs JSON #

Please upload a JSON file you have created using the GCP Logs Explorer, and it will be converted to a spreadsheet friendly CSV: (Dialogflow CX only)

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Updated on February 19, 2024